Why Power Platform

"Over 500 million new apps will be built during the next five years, which is more than all the apps built in the last 40 years."

Charles Lamanna

Potential business impact of Power Platform adoption

Forrester reported that the average power apps customers save 74% in development costs in the first three years of adoption. With a reduction in costs, they saw 4.3% revenue uplift, 132K worker hours saved, and 188% ROI after year 3. After 6 months of implementation, you could earn back your investment.



Grow your Dev team

Unrivalled collaboration

Enhanced insights

Limitless innovation

Value generation

Power Apps provides quantitative benefits for your organization compared to traditional development and low-code competitors
Return on investment over a 3-year term
Less application development cost and effort

Benefits of low-code app development

Focus on innovating. The rest is taken care of.
Low-code app development with Microsoft Power Platform offers a number of benefits for businesses, including:
Faster time to market: With low-code development, applications can be built much more quickly than traditional development methods, reducing the time needed to bring new products and services to market.
Lower development costs: Low-code development eliminates the need for specialized programming skills, reducing the cost and complexity of app development. Additionally, low-code tools enable the reuse of pre-built components, further reducing development costs.
Increased agility: Low-code development allows businesses to respond more quickly to changing market conditions, customer demands, and new opportunities. This agility is critical in today's rapidly changing business environment.
Improved collaboration: Low-code development tools are designed to be used by both technical and non-technical users, facilitating collaboration between business users and IT departments.
Scalability: Low-code development allows businesses to quickly scale applications to meet changing demands, without requiring significant IT resources.
Overall, low-code development with Microsoft Power Platform can help businesses to accelerate digital transformation, reduce costs, increase agility, and improve collaboration, while delivering high-quality applications to meet evolving business needs.


Reduction in application development costs

6 months

Payback period on original investment​


ROI after 3 years


Worker hours saved from streamlined and automated activities


Power Apps provides quantitative benefits for your organization compared to traditional development and low-code competitors


Over the past year, Microsoft has doubled down on its efforts and investments to be the world’s most comprehensive low-code application development platform. 92 percent of the Fortune 500 organizations are using Power Apps each month to rapidly adapt, and provide their customers, partners, and employees with streamlined first-class digital experiences on a secure, governable, and scalable platform.


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